ORLANDO, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of proactive live chat for dealer Websites, has introduced new features for its ActivConcierge aimed at decreasing abandonment rates and increase lead submission.

Since the service launched in March, the company has carefully monitored the consumer traffic patterns on their dealers' Websites and listened to feedback to continuously improve and offer the most effective, comprehensive live chat service.

ActivSubmit is a key component of ActivConcierge's new enhancements to increase lead submission rates. Website abandonment rates are typically highest on "forms" pages, where site visitors can request information and submit their contact information.

ActivSubmit alerts a chat representative when a site visitor begins to complete a form on the dealership Website. The representative can then invite the site visitor to chat and help the person complete the form and answer any questions. Alternatively, the chat rep can get the visitor's contact information directly through the live chat.

In addition, dealers using the expanded ActivConcierge service can now collect the data a site visitor enters, even if the person does not fully complete or submit the form. As a part of the new features, chat representatives can also be alerted when site visitors are on specified pages. For example, chat reps can be notified when visitors view particular vehicle pages and offer consumers customized specials, based on their behavior at the site.

"The new enhancements are a big part of our ongoing goal of providing dealership Website visitors the right message, at the right time, to increase overall lead generation," commented Ted Rubin, ActivEngage co-founder. "Abandonment is a huge issue for dealership Websites, and this is especially true on forms. The new features can dramatically improve lead submission and offer a way to really pay special attention at critical junctions in the online car buying process."