BRITISH COLUMBIA — Quantech added new functionality to its QMenus software, including a feature to help dealers meet new tax compliance guidelines.

The new system called Qmenus 1.5 has the ability to show individual pricing beside each menu item, a new presentation option that calculates and displays taxes in cash menus, and a new function that auto-sizes menus to the maximum size of the screen it’s being shown on.

“I’m quite pleased about these new features,” said Mike Martin, general manager at Quantech. “Showing the price beside each menu item is a great addition as we move towards more complete disclosure with customers.” Users will be able to toggle the feature on or off depending on their presentation style, customer, or provincial law.

QMenus users will now be able to show the price including taxes on F&I products in a cash menu. “Our customers requested this,” said Martin. “In the past they would have had to either go into their F&I software or use a calculator to tell a customer how much the tax was.” This feature can also be toggled on or off.

Auto-sizing menus based on the screen it’s being shown on is another new feature. As the price of larger monitors goes down, more and more finance managers are electing to present from the screen as opposed to paper. “Full screen menu presentation is something our programmers have been working on for quite some time,” said Martin. “I can’t tell you how hot a QMenus menu looks when it’s displayed on a large monitor.”

Quantech has also added new tax calculation options to its lease menus. “Applying taxes on lease calculations is often complex, just ask anyone that’s tried to do them on a calculator,” said Martin. “As DMS providers strive to catch up with government regulations we always to try to be one step ahead. Our new options for calculating taxes do that. “

There will be no charge for current Quantech QMenus customers to upgrade to QMenus 1.5.