CLEARWATER, Fla. — CIQ Inc./Voisys, a lead generation provider, introduced Monday the 800-321 Contact, a new lead follow-up service for auto dealers.

The new service provides assurance that each lead is contacted within minutes, regardless of lead source. Prospects receive calls and emails for up to 90 days from lead origination date. The new service delivers higher show rates, increased closing ratios and Web-based tracking reports.

According to Michael Snider, vice president of CIQ Inc. /Voisys, the service is effective because it is built by and manned with automotive industry veterans who have first-hand dealership experience.

“We have intimate knowledge of just how important floor traffic is for dealerships right now, based on our extensive experience working in dealerships ourselves. We have parlayed this experience into our new BDC service, which is extremely effective at converting leads into qualified buyers for our dealership clients,” said Snider.

800-321 Contact is largely staffed by former BDC staff and Internet managers from dealerships across the country. The staff is well versed at dealing with the unique needs and quirks of today’s car buyer.

The service makes up to 15 attempts to reach each lead, using a series of communication techniques, including a letter, phone calls and emails. According to company officials, a letter is sent out the minute the lead comes in, and four to five attempts are made to reach the person by phone at different times throughout the initial day of contact. Follow up attempts continue for up to 90 days, tailored for each dealership’s specific requirements.

“It’s difficult to sell a car before the prospect has actually seen it, and that can’t happen until they are at the dealership. Our job with 800-321 Contact is to get the prospect to show on the lot, as that is where sales people and managers at the dealership level do what they do best – sell cars,” said Snider.