ORLANDO, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of proactive live chat programs for dealer Websites, today released an updated version of its live chat software and services that enables more personalized communication with consumers, enhanced efficiency in lead management and advanced, consolidated reporting. 

Expanded capabilities let dealers collect more information from site visitors to guide communication, both during and after chat sessions, and move even more shoppers through the sales cycle.

Enhanced efficiencies include sending chat leads to specific departments, such as parts, service or new car sales, or to a single person in the dealership. In addition, dealers can now survey website visitors. These fully customizable surveys are available for both pre- and post-chat, allowing dealers to collect valuable data from visitors both before and after chat sessions. Pre-chat survey information is also included in the chat window, enabling chat agents to use this knowledge to help guide conversations.

In addition, all text from chat transcripts is now available in database format for reporting. For example, dealers can monitor the number of times any particular make or model was discussed in chat. This business intelligence can then be used to inform special offers and promotions, based on what the majority of consumers are looking for at the dealership website.

Real-time form-field tracking also lets dealers monitor visitors' online form entries as shoppers actually enter the information. This data is also captured even if shoppers do not complete and submit the entire form. Further, completed form-field values are now shown in the chat window, along with complete visit details.

Fully customizable reports are also available, allowing dealers to view and mine data in the format best suited for their dealership's unique needs. Consolidated reporting, across multiple Websites, is another new feature of the system upgrade. Reporting is now available in a single location, for dealerships with a single Website, or dealer groups with 100 Websites. The upgrades also include advanced server detection and tracking that make it easier to identify where shoppers come from. This increases the automated, custom actions that can be performed when triggered from shoppers' actions at the Website.

"We spend a lot of time talking to our dealers and we take their ideas and requests very seriously," said ActivEngage co-founder Ted Rubin. "The latest version of our live chat software and services includes upgrades and advanced features that have been rigorously tested and are proven to help dealers move more previously anonymous site visitors through the sales funnel.The enhanced reporting capabilities also increase the business intelligence dealers can use to guide and continuously improve communication, based on what's working best for site visitors."