ATLANTA — APCO/EasyCare commemorated 25 years of providing consumers with benefits and services designed to make their vehicle buying and ownership experience more enjoyable.

“Our focus has always been on growing in partnership with our dealers, agencies, and other industry partners. At the end of the day, what will determine success for all of us is working together to consistently deliver real value to every EasyCare contract holder,” says Larry Dorfman, Chairman/CEO of APCO – EasyCare.

In 1984, APCO founding partners Larry Dorfman and Martin Blank created the EasyCare vehicle service contract, and over the years added EasyCare Dent Repair, KeyCare, Personal Assistant and other benefits to enhance the car ownership experience. The company completed a highly successful IPO in 1988 and developed partnerships with American Honda Finance, Sonic Automotive, Volvo and other industry groups.

APCO was acquired by Ford Motor Company in 1999 and repurchased by APCO's employees and equity partners in 2007. APCO has continued its focus on consumer-centric growth with its recent partnership with Motor Trend to create the Motor Trend Certified Advantage program, launching nationwide this month.

“As many of us are aware, 25 years of history is really made up of a series of moments and events that all together create the overall success of the organization. As an example, we recently received an email from an EasyCare contract holder, Cheri Boettcher, who wrote, ‘When I look to purchase my next vehicle, I once again will turn to EasyCare. The ease in handling claims was far superior to anything I've ever encountered, including factory warranties. I cannot say enough about your product and company. It's very apparent that car dealers feel the same,’” said Dorfman.

“Moments like this are the result of a coordinated effort to deliver a fair, fast and fun EasyCare experience to every customer, every time. We look forward to the next 25 years of delivering these types of EasyCare experiences, he added.