ORLANDO, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of live chat for dealer Websites,  released a new eBook, “Facebook for Auto Dealers,” to help dealers understand the business applications of social media and determine whether using Facebook is right for their dealership.

“Facebook for Auto Dealers” is the latest release in the ActivEngage series of dealership best practices eBooks. The eBook includes a high-level discussion of social media as well as detailed steps to help dealers get started on Facebook. It also includes practical "Dos and Don'ts" with very specific examples to help dealers approach Facebook with the right attitude and avoid common pitfalls. Insights from industry and social media pioneers Jared Hamilton of DrivingSales and Jeff Kershner of DealerRefresh are also included in the new eBook.

“Facebook for Auto Dealers” helps establish clear expectations for the amount of time and effort, and the skill set required for social media success. After reading the eBook, dealers will have a useful engagement strategy to communicate with consumers on Facebook, ultimately leading to more sales.         

"Because there are so many social media platforms, this new area can seem overwhelming," commented Todd Smith, ActivEngage founder. "We selected Facebook to help dealers narrow their focus and get started quickly and easily. The whole point is to connect with more consumers online. We concentrate on Facebook because it is one of the largest social networks and its fastest growing demographic is users 35 years of age and older. Also, a dealership can easily get started on Facebook with just 20 minutes a day."

With more than 300 million active users, Facebook is one of the largest and fastest growing social networking sites. Download a free copy of Facebook for Auto Dealers today at: www.activengage.com.