ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Automotive Information Systems Inc. (AIS) introduced its Digital Rebate Alert (DRA) system, which provides dealers and consumers with automatic incentive updates via any digital communication channel. DRA can be integrated with dealer Websites, CRM applications and other consumer communication methods.

Dealer personnel will be alerted when incentives change for prospective customers via their CRM application. The system allows dealers to stay connected with their customers during the online buying process or after they have left the dealership.

Consumers will be informed in real-time when new incentives are available for vehicles they are interested in tracking. Sign-up is free through a participating dealer’s Website.

The new DRA system is designed to complement the existing AIS Incentive “Plug In” utility service. The “Plug In” provides a comprehensive summary of all rebates and special offers for a particular VIN and ZIP code. The DRA system can also be added to the overall suite of “shopping tools” found on a dealer Website.

“When consumers are interested in a particular new vehicle, they want to be informed of special offers,” states Troy Ontko, president and founder of AIS. “This service is automated. The consumer simply opts into the system, sets the length of time keep the alert active (7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days) and the AIS incentive engine handles the rest. Dealers will be able to review the consumer request and immediately apply special dealer level incentives.”

“Consumers today expect dealers to earn their business; often, the best chance to earn the sale is online,” according to Greg Kelly, AIS marketing director. “The DRA system is expected to bring a new level of consumer-to-dealer interaction and should substantially increase the effectiveness of the auto dealer’s Website and follow-up systems.”

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