PORTLAND, Ore. — Compli, a provider of on-demand workforce and compliance management software for auto dealers, introduces its Time-Off Tracker, a color-coded dashboard calendar that gives management a real-time snapshot of its department coverage by day, week and month.

Compli’s Time-Off Tracker simplifies the complexity of manual, paper-based tracking and creates an efficient and transparent process that will save management time and money.

The Time-Off Tracker is hosted on the Compli Platform and can be accessed 24/7 from any computer, in any department and from any location. In addition, employees can fill out their time-off requests for vacation and sick time, check the amount of time-off used for the year, as well as the status of their submitted requests, from home or at work.

The Time-Off Tracker features include:

  • Online automated time-off request forms for employees
  • Color-coded dashboard calendar allowing managers to see, at a glance, when all employees, by department, are scheduled to be away from work
  • Color-coded dashboard calendar allowing employees to see when others in their department are scheduled to be away from work
  • Panel allowing employees to view the amount of time-off they have used in a given period
  • Unique HR reporting showing employee time-off by category for a specified period

“Managers in every department dread the holidays and the summer vacation season because their staff attendance is confusing, unpredictable and hard to keep track of,” said Lon Leneve, president of Compli.  “Our Time-Off Tracker solves this problem by bringing real-time visibility to management. At a glance, via the dashboard, they will be able to see requested time-off for each employee by department, making scheduling simple, and tracking and documentation automatic.

“This tool will allow management to have confidence that employees’ requests are handled promptly, consistently, and that scheduling is covered,” he added.

Compli’s Time-Off Tracker will be available in early 2010. For more information, call (866) 294-5545, or visit www.compli.com/tot.