JENKINTOWN, Penn. — Goodway Group today marks its one-year anniversary of the Direct2Dealer program, the only network to offer a hyper-local dynamic click-through product to be run completely within a certified third-party ad server.

The Direct2Dealer program drives consumers directly to their closest dealer location while simultaneously landing on the vehicle build and pricing page. Consumers will view an ad running on a national site modified to serve their specific market, helping influence their offline purchase while they are deep into the purchase funnel. With third-party ad server certification, clients receive a deeper level of accountability and comprehensive reporting.

Direct2Dealer launched in January 2009 with regional automotive dealer associations. Goodway continued launching the program to additional automotive clients and clients in other retail sectors.

"Our clients were very clear that they wanted standardized accountability and in-depth reporting with their hyper-local click-through product," said Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman. "We ultimately decided to build this product from scratch, as it was the only way to truly guarantee our clients the best level of accountability and reporting."

As a DoubleClick partner, Goodway Group offers the gold standard in third-party verification. DoubleClick has achieved accreditation for its DoubleClick Advertising

Exchange impressions and DoubleClick In-Stream broadband video measurement in accordance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) certification process and achieved ad measurement accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC).

The DoubleClick Advertising Exchange is the first ad exchange to be accredited by the MRC under the IAB guidelines, and DoubleClick In-Stream is the first in-stream solution for publishers to be accredited.