Next Generation Dealer Services (NGDS), a technology company focused on the auto industry, has launched a social media report for dealers. Outlined in the report are goals and strategies dealers can use to implement an in-house social media marketing plan.

David Johnson, author of the report and a social media strategist for NGDS and Persuasive Concepts, defines the three stages of social media maturity. “Defining a strategy is the single most important aspect of any social media campaign”, says Johnson. “Social media can have a tremendous impact on your reputation, so you don't want to go into it half heartedly.”

Inside the report, Johnson outlines strategies for finding consumers talking about buying a car and your dealership on popular social networking sites, such as The report, titled “Social Media and The Auto Dealer,” was written for the dealer who has decided they want to use social media to increase their reputation.

“Social media is engagement and interaction. Social media is a new way to use an old business tool, as it is networking by the masses and for the masses. The biggest issue I see with auto dealers and social media is that they are always thinking in terms of Facebook and Twitter. That type of thinking will severely limit your creativity and cost you business,” said Johnson, the author of the 15-page report.

Johnson also plans to release a book, called “Joining the Conversation: A Dealerships Guide to Increasing Business Through the Use of Social Media.”

“In the book and our seminars, we dive into my ‘20-20-60’ rules of engagement,” says Johnson. “These rules give a dealer a tool to properly engage the public without rubbing them the wrong way. Just imagine, you are having a private conversation with friends and a salesman jumps in and starts trying to sell his product without earning the right to do so. Would you listen or tune him out?

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