SAN RAMON, CA — BlueSky Marketing Group, a dealer marketing and leads provider, has launched Real Leads, a program that provides dealers with brand-specific, new-car leads and offers proprietary lead hygiene and conversion services at no additional cost.

BlueSky’s Real Leads is a turn-key program that combines lead acquisition, proven lead scrubbing processes and new technologies to ensure only the most promising and sellable leads are passed on to dealer partners.

“Our goal has always been to offer unique products and services to help auto dealerships nationwide increase their sales, efficiency and profitability. Real Leads is the latest program we have developed to help dealers focusing on new car sales. And it’s been proven to work,” said Brian Hall, president of BlueSky Marketing Group.

With the Real Leads program, a proprietary lead-decisioning process is applied to each lead and scrubbed against multiple consumer databases and custom algorithms. This confirms data accuracy and allows BlueSky to apply a score to the lead based on its likelihood to convert to a sale. Each lead is scrutinized and either rejected, or given a rating based on lead quality.

BlueSky’s new Automotive Virtual Agent (AVA) utilizes artificial intelligence to engage and communicate with each lead to verify buying intent and schedule phone appointments with dealership personnel — all without human intervention. The critical component to AVA’s artificial intelligence is its ability to decipher responses from consumers and take appropriate action based on a consumer’s reply.

Both the lead-decisioning process and AVA work together to offer guaranteed lead quality and improve dealers proficiency at contacting and interacting with customers — ultimately leading to higher sales conversion rates. Initial studies have shown up to a 50 percent increase in closing rates with AVA applied to BlueSky leads compared to other industry providers.

“The combination of timing, our current product portfolio and new technologies made it clear it was time to enter and improve upon the new-car leads space. Leads are a commodity that dealers must have,” continued Hall, “It’s the enhanced hygiene processes and virtual agent technology — that BlueSky offers at no additional charge — that really makes the difference at the dealership level when it comes to selling cars.”