British Columbia-based Quantech announced Monday that it completed the Web version of its menu software program, QMenus.

“Our programming team did a terrific job incorporating the ease-of-use, the speed, and the flexibility of the Windows version into QMenus Online. It’s so similar, in terms of look and feel; I was able to use it without any instruction,” said Mike Martin, Quantech Software’s general manager.

While QMenus Online boasts the same features, look and feel of the Windows version, there are some differences. The program is accessible on the Internet through a Web browser and the menus are now shareable.

“The previous Windows version of QMenus was standalone. It had to be manually copied onto each business manager’s computer,” said Martin. “Business managers can now share menus and deals with each other without any hassles.”

The new version also makes it easier for management to see how their business managers are making out. They can log into QMenus from any Web browser and see all of the menu templates as well as every menu that’s been presented.

QMenus Online pay-as-you-go approach is another change. “Customers purchased QMenus outright,” said Martin. “With QMenus Online there are no up-front costs, just monthly fees of $125 per dealership, paid yearly or quarterly.”

Customers can still purchase the Windows version if they prefer.

Quantech has ambitious plans for future QMenus Online development. “The environment QMenus Online is programmed in makes it much easier to add powerful reporting features, link to insurance providers, finance portals or connect multiple dealerships,” said Terry Kilshaw, Quantech’s CTO. 

Current customers using the Windows version of QMenus can contact Quantech Software for information on how they can migrate to the new online version.

For more information or to order QMenus Online, call Mike Martin at (877) 611-0622 or visit