SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — For the seventh consecutive year, CNA National Warranty Corporation (CNAN) has earned a Diamond Award in the Dealers’ Choice Awards, according to Auto Dealer Monthly magazine. From 2005 to 2010, CNAN was recognized as the best service contract provider and now in 2011, it has earned the top spot among reinsurance service contract providers.

“Because this recognition is based on votes from dealers, we are extremely gratified to have earned more Dealers’ Choice Awards than any other service contract company,” says Joe Becker, president and chief executive officer of CNA National. “We focus every day on the details that impact our dealer clients in a big way. We communicate with all departments to make sure our employees are aware of how their jobs impact customer satisfaction. Our company was founded almost 30 years ago with the idea that the most important part of a vehicle service contract is, in fact, the service.”

CNAN has been voted a No. 1 provider every year since the survey began in 2005, and has earned a total of 10 Dealers’ Choice Awards. Further illustrating the consistency of CNAN’s performance is the fact that no other VSC company has managed to make the list all seven years. CNAN also qualifies as one of just nine companies in 2011 to win awards in more than one category.

“The stability of a VSC provider should be of paramount importance to dealers because their customers will be affected for the entire term of the contract,” explains Alan Miller, senior vice president of sales for CNA National. “For us, it goes far beyond the strength of our financial backing as a wholly owned subsidiary of CNA. We have a long-standing corporate culture of service, with most of our senior leadership team in place for 10 years or more. We offer the consistency of accurate rating so the price of our contracts to the dealer does not vary greatly from year to year. We have the resources to grow our business, develop additional products, and provide the training and administrative support that dealers deserve.

“Dealers in our reinsurance programs can expect the same high level of service that we provide to all our clients,” Miller continues. “That includes a focus on compliance to ensure we and they are operating within the existing regulatory environment. In addition, they will receive regular, accurate reports that detail everything related to their reinsurance account. And finally, we have a staff of financial experts to manage each individual dealer’s underwriting results to ensure the business is profitable and generating the maximum return on the dealer’s investment.”