ORANGE COUNTY, Ca.Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. has announced the release of Joe Verde’s fourth edition book, “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth in Today’s Market.” In the new edition, Verde provides an update on the market this year while focusing on how dealership can grow in today’s challenging market, according to the company.

“A lot of dealers ask if they can grow in this new economy,” Verde said. “I tell them absolutely they can, because growth is a process ─ and that’s what the book is about.”

First published in the summer of 2009, Verde’s first edition book provided a step-by-step guide on how dealers could achieve a record year every year. “You have to learn how to improve the processes that generate growth, and improve the skills of the people responsible to follow your processes,” Verde said. “Growth requires continuous improvement in the key areas I cover in my book.”

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