ALBANY, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced its AMPS Dealership Management System (DMS) is fully integrated with AutoAlert Inc.'s data lead mining solutions, allowing dealers to leverage the data stored in their DMS when using the AutoAlert system.

“Big data is only useful if the data is current and accurate, so it's critical to integrate with both the DMS and CRM,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate.

The Open/Mate integration ensures that all data exchanged between Auto/Mate's DMS and third-party software systems is delivered instantly and securely in both directions. Real-time integration greatly eliminates redundancy and delivers more accurate information, compared with data exchanges performed via batch deliveries, Esposito said.

"The integration with Auto/Mate's award-winning DMS provides more choices to auto dealers who want to turn their ‘big data’ into simple, useable action items that both sales and service can take advantage of," said Boyd Warner, CEO of AutoAlert.

AutoAlert solutions mine customer data in every department and alert dealership staff to opportunities, including:

  • When a customer is in a position to upgrade to a new vehicle for a similar payment
  • When buyers can trade-in their current vehicle for a new one for lower monthly payments, due to market incentives and terms
  • When a customer's purchase or lease contract is approaching the end
  • When a prospect is scheduled for service and when they arrive at the service drive
  • When a customer's lease miles are over their contracted amount and help them into a new car, at a similar payment, while avoiding mileage penalties
  • When clients are in the position for an extended warranty, even if they didn’t purchase the vehicle from your dealership