COLLEYVILLE, Texas — Michele Myers, vice president of financial services for the Dorschel Group, posted a perfect score on the Association of Finance and Insurance Association’s 200-question Senior Certification Exam.

The exam consists of 150 federal law questions, 25 state law questions and 25 ethics questions. According to AFIP Executive Director David Robertson, “In 23 years, Michele is only the fourth person — of more than 40,000 tested — to answer every question correctly, so it’s a rare accomplishment.”

 Myers has almost 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. She started in vehicle sales, then worked in customer relations and F&I before joining the Dorschel Group in 1989 as an F&I manager. After advancing to finance director, she was appointed to her current position in 1998.

“I’m fortunate to work for a dealer group that sets high expectations — and provides me with the support to meet and exceed those expectations,” said Myers. “And thanks to the Rochester Automotive Dealers Association for hosting AFIP’s certification study group sessions.”

Myers holds a management diploma from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She earned her basic AFIP certification in 1995 and serves as the Dorschel Group’s compliance officer. She’s a member of an NCM BH/PH 20 Group and served as that group’s executive committee chairperson.