LAS VEGAS — MPi, a provider of revenue and retention solutions for automotive dealership service departments, announced this week that it’s has gone through a major product lineup enhancement and branding evolution, emerging with a new name, AutoPoint.

Under the new name, the company is establishing itself as the new standard of automotive service. The new platform’s goal is to enable automotive service centers to operate at the highest levels of performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness.

“AutoPoint is service evolved,” said Rich Holland, the company’s managing director. “The new name provides us with an umbrella under which we will continue to add and enhance products and services that deliver exceptional value and ROI in the automotive fixed-operations space. With our eye on creating a global presence, the AutoPoint brand will be our unified flagship moving forward.”

The AutoPoint Platform is a fully comprehensive suite of integrated applications that allow a dealership to optimize their current and future fixed operations revenue opportunities. 

“We are also excited to announce the consolidation of our five offices into a single facility in South Jordan, Utah, in February 2014,” Holland added. “As we plan for significant growth, we look forward to taking advantage of the synergies created by a centralized environment, as well as providing a truly state-of-the-art training facility to our clients.”

The all-new 2014 AutoPoint brand will be unveiled at the NADA Convention and Expo in booth No. 5819. For more information, visit