ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. released a new eBook titled, “The 10 Technical Skills Every Automotive Sales Manager Needs.”The eBook is the second in a planned series, and one of the most popular excerpts from Joe Verde’s guidebook for auto dealers and managers, “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery And Growth In Today’s Market.”

The new eBook explains that when a salesperson develops or improves a skill and grows, it only affects their sales. However, when managers develop their management skills, it affects all of their salespeople’s production. The eBook explains in detail the 10 technical skills every automotive sales manager needs.

“Here’s an example of the Power of Management: When managers decide to improve all 10 salespeople by just one unit and 10% in gross, you have a 10% improvement in sales and gross for the entire dealership,” Verde explained. “In a 100 unit dealership with $2,500 gross per unit, that 10% improvement means the dealership goes from 100 units and $250,000 in gross to 110 units for $302,500 in total gross.

“That’s a 21% improvement in gross with 60% of the extra $52,500 headed to ‘net.’ Believe it, you really do control your success, and you’re sitting on a gold mine. Now it’s time to find out how to get the gold. I hope this eBook helps guide the way.”

To download a copy of the eBook, click here.