LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — Dealertrack and Hyundai Motor America have announced a new partnership supporting Dealertrack and its digital marketing solution as endorsed providers in the Hyundai Dealer Digital Marketing Program.

The partnership empowers Hyundai dealers in the United States to incorporate Dealertrack’s integrated websites, inventory merchandising, digital retailing and advertising tools into their dealership’s digital marketing strategies and operations. The Hyundai Dealer Digital Marketing Program, which is available to all 830 Hyundai dealers in the United States, was created to deliver certified and proven digital marketing tools, services and solutions directly to its dealers while simplifying the car buying process for Hyundai customers.

“The partnership with Dealertrack will allow our Hyundai dealers to leverage Dealertrack’s connected digital marketing solutions to bring more efficiency and value to the shopping and purchasing processes,” said David Tourtlotte, senior group manager, Retail Marketing, Hyundai  Motor America. “At Hyundai, we focus on providing an empowered automotive shopping experience to ensure all touch points with our brand — from online to in-store — are positive and rewarding.”

As part of the partnership, participating Hyundai dealers will receive a number of benefits, including a Hyundai-branded dealership website; automated Hyundai data and content for a dealer’s website and digital advertising; a link to a dealer’s endorsed website from Hyundai’s online Dealer locators; special pricing on digital retailing, advertising and managed services offerings; and digital advisor support.

“As the automotive retail landscape evolves, and the online and in-store car shopping experience continues to converge, our partnership with Hyundai will help their dealers transform their businesses,” said Wayne Pastore, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing, Dealertrack. “This partnership builds on an already strong working relationship between Dealertrack, and Hyundai and will help Hyundai dealers attract, engage and convert more online vehicle shoppers than ever before, and build and grow their businesses.”