DAVENPORT, Iowa — The winners of the 2015 Auto Dealer Monthly Dealers’ Choice Awards have been announced, and ProMax Unlimited earned its most impressive group of accolades in the 11-year history of voting. ProMax took home the Diamond award for both Desking and Direct Mail, and the Platinum award for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  

“Winning consecutive Diamond awards in not one but two categories is a remarkable achievement,” said ADM Managing Editor Tariq Kamal. “ProMax Unlimited has earned recognition from dealers since the inception of the Dealers’ Choice Awards, and that alone warrants our heartfelt congratulations.”  

Voted on exclusively by dealers and dealership personnel, the program recognizes the industry’s best product and service providers.

For the fifth year in a row, voters recognized ProMax Unlimited as the best F&I Desking software in the industry. “We absolutely love getting the top prize for Desking year in and year out,” said ProMax CEO John Palmer. “We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and in that time the industry has changed enormously. Back then, we were the only solution on the market; now there are lots of competitors. But one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to improving each and every year. That’s why we continue to stay on top, and why we’ve taken the top prize nearly every year it’s been available.”

ProMax also continued its streak in the CRM category, being honored for the fourth straight year, with three of those four being Platinum prizes. ProMax CTO Darian Miller attributes much of ProMax’s recent success in this category to its robust and perpetually growing ProMax Mobile platform.

“Our Mobile version is becoming a heavily used tool that enables our users to access ProMax functionality from anywhere on any device. We are constantly adding features, like a mobile version of our Driver’s License Scanner that many users were requesting,” Miller explained.

When asked what other features were in store for the future, Miller added, “Just wait until our users see our upcoming VIN scan app integration! They’re going to love it.”

In addition to ProMax’s long history of success in the Desking and CRM fields, 2015 marks the second year in a row they have also taken top honors in the Direct Mail category. “We’re honored to win the Desking and CRM awards every year, but it’s also great to see that more dealers are recognizing our Direct Mail capabilities,” said ProMax COO Shane Born. “We are a very versatile company, and I predict we may take home an award in the Website category next year as we’re quietly building the best hosting platform around.”

So what does winning the ADM awards mean to ProMax? “We measure our success by the success of our dealer-customers” concluded CEO John Palmer “and winning awards voted on by our customers makes a very powerful statement, both about our products and our phenomenal ProMax team”.