DEARBORN, Mich. — Lincoln Automotive Financial Services is offering its finance and lease customers complimentary credit-protection that includes 24/7 credit monitoring and alerts, unlimited access to their credit reports and score, lost wallet protection and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage with no deductible.

The package, which last for two years, depending on the client’s financing term, includes access to VantageScore, a credit score developed jointly by the three major national credit reporting companies. It also provides finance customers with unlimited access to the client’s TransUnion Credit Report, and a dedicated identity restoration specialist to help them restore their identities.

“This complimentary protection will alert our clients to activity affecting their credit and will help them restore their identity if it is compromised,” said Krista Conyers, the captive’s director of marketing.

With the package’s lost wallet protection, the captive’s clients can upload their driver’s license, credit card and other important numbers. If the wallet is ever missing, the client makes one phone call to a specialist who reports missing cards to the issuers and begins the replacement process.

The complimentary coverage is offered to clients who finance or lease with Lincoln Automotive Financial Services in the United States and lasts for two or three years, depending on the client’s financing term.