DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — CreditMiner, which offers a dealer solution that prequalifies car buyers for vehicle financing, has added the VISOIQ database of consumer information to its suite of data offerings.

VISOIQ is a database of more than 200 million consumers, providing dealers with access to financial and behavioral data even if the customer has not applied for vehicle financing. The non-FCRA data allows manufacturers and dealers to have better insight into consumers in order to improve engagement.

VISOIQ relies on CreditMiner’s algorithms to create a complete picture of consumer data, including home ownership, income, job length, occupation, education level, primary language, previous purchases, wealth score and asset scoring. Using this data, dealership staff can have a better idea of who a consumer is and also how to engage them in the buying cycle

With the acquisition of VISOIQ, CreditMiner clients will soon see these data sets within the CreditMiner return. Regardless of if a consumer passes a prequalification or prescreen, CreditMiner can deliver non-FCRA data to assist a dealer in the engagement process.

“Whether it is software that allows dealers to utilize credit-based data, or products like VisoIQ, we are data-centric,” said Don O’Neill, general manager of CreditMiner.  “The goal is, and always will be, to deliver data and provide offerings that convert to unit sales.”