DAYTON, Ohio — The Reynolds and Reynolds Company has announced that Reynolds Document Services has released the Reynolds LAW Washington F&I Library, a comprehensive catalog of standardized, legally reviewed F&I documents available to new car and truck dealers in the state of Washington.

"Despite the improving economy, automobile retailers continue to face a number of pressures that impact the success of their business," said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president and general manager of Reynolds Document Services. "Among those pressures are increasing levels of regulatory scrutiny as well as higher expectations from consumers for a more rewarding car-buying experience.

“Part of Reynolds' response is to develop document services that help dealers address those pressures and prepare them for the future,” he added. “This library of standardized documents is designed to help dealers better manage risk, improve the customer experience in F&I, and prepare for the age of electronic transactions ahead."

LAW brand documents can help dealers reduce their litigation risk, according to officials. The documents in the LAW Washington F&I Library are regularly reviewed for compliance with the latest regulations. Reynolds' forms specialists lead the review alongside Reynolds' outside legal partners.

In addition, by using the standardized vehicle deal documents in the LAW Washington F&I Library, dealers can achieve a more consistent and effective F&I process in every transaction, which can improve the effectiveness of the F&I manager as well as improve the car-buying experience for the customer, according to the company.

The printed documents in the LAW Washington F&I Library are also available in digital format, which helps facilitate the conversion to laser-printed transactions or e-contracting. Reynolds Document Services maintains licensing agreements with all major providers of electronic F&I solutions.