ALBANY, N.Y. — Auto/Mate Dealership Systems has released a free e-book titled "The Auto Dealer's Ten Step Guide to Hiring the Best Employees." The guide is designed to help dealerships minimize employee turnover and improve hiring practices.

The e-book reveals the bottom-line costs associated with a bad hiring decision, and shares best practices to help auto dealers avoid common hiring mistakes. It also guides dealers through the following steps to making a good hiring decision:

  • Create a detailed job description for each position
  • Define qualities necessary for a culture fit
  • Develop an exciting job advertisement
  • Have a marketing plan for your job openings
  • Source candidates
  • Create and stick to a hiring process
  • Hone your interviewing techniques
  • Set realistic expectations for candidates
  • Set realistic expectations internally
  • Vet all candidates 

In 2014, the average turnover rate for sales consultants in dealerships was 72%, while the average turnover rate for all employees in dealerships was 39%, according to the 2015 NADA Dealership Workforce Study. In non-luxury dealerships, the average sales turnover rate skyrocketed to 80%. Additionally, 28% of all terminations happened within the first 90 days and 41% of sales turnover happened within 90 days.

"These statistics tell us that many dealers are making common hiring mistakes such as hiring too quickly, not having an established hiring process and not vetting candidates properly," said Dave Druzynski, director of human resources for Auto/Mate. "Many dealerships don't have a dedicated human resources professional on staff so they are not familiar with the techniques and tools available to help them establish a successful hiring process."

In 2015 Auto/Mate ranked No. 1 on the "Top Workplaces" list in the mid-size business category for the greater New York capital region, the fourth time the firm made the list. It is compiled annually by Workplace Dynamics and the Times-Union. Auto/Mate has also been voted a "Best Place to Work" five years running by the Albany Business Review.

For more information or to download the free e-book, click here.