WOODCLIFF Lake, N.J. — October new-vehicle sales increased 13.6% to 1.46 million units. Year to date, 14.5 million cars and trucks have been sold, representing a 5.8% increase over the same period last year.

October’s SAAR was 18.24 million units, the highest rate of 2015 and a significant increase over October 2014’s 16.58 million unit SAAR, according to figures from Autodata Corp. The following is a breakdown of sales by manufacturer.

BMW: In October, BMW brand sales decreased 3.8% from a year ago to 29,439 units. Mini brand sales declined even further, sliding 22.9%. On a year year-to-date basis, however, sales have risen 10.3% from a year ago to 49,061 units.

BMW’s best-selling 3 Series realized an 8% increase for the month, with sales totalling 11,012 units. The X5 and X3 SUVs also posted sales increases of 28% and 88.1%, respectively. Mini’s highest-selling model, the two-door Cooper S Hardtop, had a nearly 50% decline in sales, with total sales settling in at 1,378 units.

Chrysler: Fiat Chrysler sales increased 14.7% from a year ago 195,545 units, with the automaker realizing its best Octobre sales month since 2001. While total car sales actually fell 4.1%, the brand's truck divisions put together a combined 20.5% increase.

Jeep Brand sales increased 33% from a year ago, marking the brand’s 25th consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains. The Dodge Charger, Challenger, Journey, Jeep Cherokee, Compass Wrangler, and Ram ProMaster each recorded their best October sales ever.

Ford: Ford reported its best October performance in 11 years, with sales increasing 13% from a year ago to 213,105 units sold. While trucks drove most of the growth, Ford's car sales saw the biggest jump from a year ago, increasing by 15.7%.

F-Series truck sales increased by 12% to 65,500 units sold, which is the best October for the truck line since 2004. Ford’s commercial van sales totaled 19,274 vehicles, with transit sales making up 9,361 units.

General Motors: General Motors market share grew for the seventh consecutive month behind a 16% sales increase from a year ago. Sales totaled 262,993 units. Chevrolet posted its best October sales in 11 years with an 18% increase in sales from a year ago.

GM’s truck sales was the main driver, with sales increasing 24.5% from a year ago to 181,715 units. Car sales were essentially flat, growing only 0.5%. GMC posted an 18% sales increase from a year ago, with the brand realizing its best October sales performance since 2013. Denali models made up more than a quarter of all GMC sales, which is the largest percentage ever for the brand.

Honda: American Honda had a record-breaking October, posting 131,651 total sales for the month – an increase of 8.6%. The Honda division increased sales 9.3% from a year ago to 115,572 units, while Acura sales increased to 16,079 units.

Honda’s truck sales rose 18.5% from a year ago to 55,930 units. The Pilot SUV sold 12,913 units, a 63.4% increase from a year ago and the model's best October ever.

Hyundai: Hyundai Motor America posted its best October sales performance on sales of 60,005 units, a 20% increase from a year ago.

The Sonata was the brand’s best-selling model with 16,071 units sold for the month, while theTucson SUV more than doubled its sales compared with last October, moving 7,298 units. The Elantra realized its best sales month, with sales increasing 24% from a year ago to 15,868 units.

Mazda: Mazda realized its best October sales performance in the United States in 21 years, with sales increasign 35.4% from a year ago to 25,451 units. The CX-5 SUV had its best October sales ever with 9,264 vehicles sold. Year-over-year sales are up 54.6%.

The Mazda3 also realized its best October since 2012, with sales increasing 15.1% from a year ago to 8,342 vehicles sold.

Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz reported October sales of 32,472 units, an increase of 3.7% from a year ago. October sales from the Mercedes-Benz brand were led by C, E, and GLE model lines.

The C-Class was the top-selling car for the brand, with 7,283 units sold. It was followed by the E-Class with October sales of 4,661, a 18.4% increase from a year ago. Sales of the GLE SUV totaled 4,176 vehicles.

Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi’s sales increased 19.8% from last October to 7,426 units, marking the brand's 20th consecutive month of year-over-year increases. October was also the seventh consecutive month of double-digit sales increases.

Mitsubishi’s CUVs led the wasy, with the Outlander Sport outselling all other models with 3,094 units sold. It was followed by the Outlander, with sales totaling 2,040 units for the month.  

Nissan: Nissan Group sold 116,047 vehicles in October, representing a 13% increase over the same month last year. The Nissan division was up 12% year-over-year, while Infiniti division sales were up 23.2%.

Nissan’s crossover, truck and SUV sales were up 26%, with the Nisan Rogue setting an October record at 24,939 units — an increase of 70% year over year. Infiniti’s QX60 crossover was the sales leader for the luxury brand, with sales increasing 60.6% from a year ago to 3,669 units.

Toyota: Toyota, Scion, and Lexus sold 204,045 units, 13% increase from a year ago on a volume basis. With one more selling day in October 2015 than in the previous year, sales were up 9% on a daily selling rate basis.

The Toyota division sold 177,609 units, up 13% on a volume basis. Leading the way was the Highlander and RAV4 SUVs. Highlander sales rose 10% from last October to 13,316 units, while the RAV4 sold 28,256 units, second only to the Camry sedan.

The Tacoma truck saw a significant increase in sales as well, with sales increasing 12.9% to 15,233 units sold. Lexus sales were led by its SUVs, with the GX sales increasing 10.7% to 2,223 units. Sales of the brand's top-selling RX model decreased 4% to 8,018 units.

Volkswagen:  Volkswagen eeked out a slight year-over-year increase in October, with sales totalling 30,387 units. The Golf family of cars posted a 40.2% increase from a year ago, with sales totaling 5,716 units. Despite showing a 36.1% decrease from a year ago, the Jetta Sedan led all individual vehicle sales on sales of 8,551 units.

The Tiguan SUV had its best sales month ever, with sales increasing 16.7% from a year ago to 4,815 units. The Touareg SUV also had a good month, posting a 45.3% increase in October.

Audi sales rose by 16.8% to 17,700 units sold, marketing the brand's best-ever October sales performance in the United States and its 58th consecutive monthly sales record. October results were driven by the brand’s SUV sales, which rose 31.1% for the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 models combined.