DETROIT — Budco Financial has integrated its interest-free financing plan for service contracts into iTapMenu’s tablet F&I menu.

Budco Financial serves as Ford’s exclusive provider of service-contract payment plans, financing more than 40,000 Ford service contracts annually, according to officials. With the new integration, dealerships can now present a service contract to cash customers or customers who opted against the coverage at the time of purchase with an interest-free financing option.

“Budco Financial provides dealerships a unique opportunity to sell a vehicle service contract without customers paying interest,” said Shawn McCool, co-owner of iTapMenu. “Now, our users can present the menu with a vehicle service contract included, and if the product is declined for any reason, the F&I manager will immediately have the option of presenting Budco Financial’s interest-free financing solution.”

Mark Pierret, director of sales and marketing for Budco Financial, added: “Working with iTapMenu, we were able to provide a vehicle service contract solution that maximizes efficiency for our dealers. Their knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, while maintaining a cutting-edge approach to F&I menu solutions.”