PALO ALTO, Calif. — AutoAlert, a data mining and trade-cycle management platform, has completed its acquisition of MotoFuze LLC, a customer experience management (CEM) platform. As part of the acquisition, Mike Dullea, MotorFuze CEO Mike Dullea and co-founder Tom Walls have been respectively appointed as sales and marketing officer and chief technology officer, respectively, at AutoAlert.  

MotoFuze’s suite of products, which includes social media campaigns, content management, and predictive analytics, will become completely integrated products of AutoAlert. These products provide dealers with the ability to receive, assess, and utilize relevant, real-time data to automate their sales and marketing efforts, according to AutoAlert.

“Dealerships are increasingly looking to improve their online engagement with consumers by leveraging data from multiple channels, and MotoFuze quickly proved itself as the best technology solution available today,” said Brian Skutta, CEO of AutoAlert. “We saw first-hand that MotoFuze’s CEM made AutoAlert’s dealer solution even more powerful, and that can only grow when we are working as one organization.”

The acquisition comes after a previously announced partnership between the two companies in October, where pilot dealers used products from AutoAlert and MotoFuze in tandem as a more comprehensive sales and marketing solution.

“Early Reports from dealers using MotoFuze alongside AutoAlert indicated that the combined solution was on track to account for as much as 20 percent of annual sales,” Dullea said.