HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Vboost Inc., a viral marketing company for the automotive retail industry, today announced that the company has moved into new offices in Santa Ana, Calif. The expansion follows the addition of several new features to its viral marketing program for auto dealers.

Vboost’s core product allows dealers to capture photos at the time of vehicle delivery and immediately send the “branded” photos to customers to share with their family and friends. The captured photos are stitched into a slideshow set to music, or what the company refers to as “Customercials.” Customers can then share the videos on their social media pages.

Vboost, which now has dealer clients in 20 states across the United States, then monitors and quantifies results from each viral marketing campaign and reports back to its dealers.

Vboost recently signed an agreement with a top recording clearing house, providing users with a wider selection of music to use as background for their “customercials.” Additionally, the company recently announced a new upgrade designed to allow dealerships to get instant customer consent to post their photos and videos on the dealership’s website and Facebook page, as well as other social media properties. The firm also recently added the ability to text the “customercial” photos directly to a customer’s cell phone.

“Our dealers often enjoy over 100% share rates and thousands of photos/video views through our proactive process," said Paul Moran, president of Vboost. "We bring them more referral business by creating positive viral marketing from customer photos taken at the time of delivery. These then get shared by the customer on social media.

"The most powerful form of marketing is word-of-mouth and social media is the word-of-mouth of today," Moran added. "Vboost is the only form of advertising that gets posted for you by your customers. This is the best way to become part of the online conversation that goes on during the buying cycle."

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