NORCROSS, Ga. — EasyCare announced this week it is launching the Custom Dealer App, which, according to company officials, allows dealers to own the ODBII port in their customers’ vehicles.

The app, which can be customized for each dealership’s brand, provides customers with multiple user-friendly car-buying and servicing functions. And with its app’s ability to connect a vehicle’s ODBII port to a dealership’s DMS, dealers can stay connected with their customers’ vehicles in real time..

“There is only one ODBII port, and providing dealers the ability to own the ODBII port in their customer’s vehicles is extremely important. Insurance companies, OEMs and even wireless providers are competing with dealers to control the connectivity function,” said Larry Dorfman, CEO of EasyCare. “Customers want to control their lives on their PDAs. Dealers who engage their customers with the Custom Dealer App will be creating an experience that helps their customers become passionate about their relationship with their dealership, as they realize how easy it is to be constantly connected to their vehicle and their dealership.”

The app’s ODBII connection allows customers can do a full health scan of their vehicle, track trip results, and receive service alerts and discounts from the dealership. They can also use the app to schedule a service appointment, get updated on manufacturer recalls, receive recommended maintenance alerts and access service history records.

Customers can also use the app to shop a dealership’s entire new and pre-owned vehicle inventory, as well as conduct research and compare models, track price points view Carfax vehicle history reports, and access information about available F&I options. Trade-ins valuations can also be performed using the app, which will pull information from a dealership’s preferred trade-in value report.

Additionally, the app’s My Garage feature allows users to store F&I and other documentation for all of their vehicles. This permits management of multiple drivers and vehicles.

The EasyCare Custom Dealer App will be available for free on the Apple App Store and the Android Market. A general overview of the app can be found at