DETROIT — Ford Motor Credit Co. will begin piloting a new program in Austin, Texas, that will allow groups of three to six people to lease a Ford vehicle together.

According to company officials, the program is aimed at customers who need the benefits that come with having their own vehicle but might not need one full time. There are no requirements as to who can lease together, as friends, neighbors or family members can take advantage of the program.

“People already are sharing everything — from books to homes,” said David McClelland, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Ford Credit. “We’re seeing the potential for a shift from a single consumer paying for a single vehicle to several people sharing costs and benefits. Ford Credit Link makes Ford Vehicles more readily available to people who may not want or need their own vehicle but have mobility requirements that must be met.”

The pilot program will only be available at three Austin dealerships: Covert Ford, Leif Johnson Ford and Maxwell Ford. Each lease will span 24 months. Members involved in a lease will be able to communicate and make vehicle payments using an accompanying mobile application. That same application will work in tandem with a vehicle plug-in device and allow lease members to check the status of the vehicle, keep up with the vehicle’s maintenance and reserve a drive time.

“Austin is a progressive city with a rich demographic mix. It has effective public transportation, and consumers who use various mobility options but may not need a full vehicle lease to meet their transportation needs,” McClelland said. “This combination makes Austin a good place to test Ford Credit Link.”