IRVING, Texas — AutoBodyguard Inc., a division of Dent Zone Companies Inc., has obtained exclusive rights to Zavada Scientific’s organic odor elimination technology, officials announced in late April.

“The addition of Zavada’s odor eliminator is aligned with our vision for the AutoBodyguard portfolio,” said John Martin, president of AutoBodyguard Inc. “This proprietary technology, governed under U.S. Trade Secret Laws, distinguishes us as the only provider in the vehicle protection marketplace capable of eliminating organic odors through an environmentally safe and eco-friendly solution.”

Zavada’s Noble Ion Technology removes organic odors at the source by breaking down the chemical bonds and the compounds that cause them. Common competitor products use enzymes, which react to bacteria or use odor neutralizers or fragrances to mask the odor for a limited period of time. Zavada’s technology disrupts the production of the bacteria, which is typically the source of the organic odor, and prevents it from returning.

AutoBodyguard’s Organic Odor Eliminator with Noble Ion Technology is now integrated into the company's line’s interior protection program. It provides coverage for the carpet, fabric, leather and vinyl surfaces of vehicles. The product is free from harsh chemicals and does not contain toxic ammonia components frequently found in anti-bacterial products. It is eco-friendly as well as safe for children and pets.

“We are pleased to partner with AutoBodyguard to offer dealers greater profits through innovative F&I solutions,” said John Veenstra, chief innovation officer for Zavada Scientific. “We selected AutoBodyguard because of the history, reputation and relationships that Dent Zone Companies, its parent company, has created in the automotive F&I industry over the past 25 years.”

AutoBodyguard offers full body automotive protection products that range from interior and exterior appearance protection to tire and wheel protection, windshield and dent protection. AutoBodyguard plans to add its Organic Odor Eliminator to future products for the recreational vehicle, marine and powersports markets.