NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Allstate announced this week it has teamed up with Openbay, an online marketplace for non-collision auto-repair and maintenance services, to help consumers with a faster and more efficient way to service their vehicles. The service is now available via, the Allstate Mobile app’s ‘My Rides’ section, and the Drivewise app.

Through the app, consumers will have access to a national network of service centers, including dealerships participating in the Allstate Dealer Agency program, to schedule anything from an engine overhaul to oil and tire changes. They will also have access to information they need to make vehicle repair and maintenance decisions, as the app provides multiple quotes from local service centers, including dealerships, and information to make their selection based on distance, customer reviews, pricing, and warranties. Openbay also maintains digital service records for future access and sends customers reminders of manufacturer-recommended service intervals.

“Well-maintained vehicles make the road safer for everyone. Consumers consistently indicate that identifying a quality auto-repair facility is a major pain point, which may serve as a deterrent to regular maintenance and repairs. Integrating with Openbay enables Allstate to ease the burden of comparing and booking vehicle service,” said Gary Hallgren, Allstate Connected Car president. “This is another example of services we’re delivering that go beyond what people might expect to receive from an insurance company. Through our mobile apps, customers can also access helpful resources such as information on vehicle recalls, where to find low gas prices in the area and parking reminders.”

Rob Infantino, founder and CEO of Openbay, added: “A massive and growing market of older vehicles continues to dominate U.S. roadways. Quality parts, quality service, and a willingness by the consumer to invest in repair and maintenance services are all playing a key role in this trend. Consumers realize that regular maintenance and timely repairs will extend the life of their vehicles. Allstate and Openbay are helping consumers along this path by connecting them with local automotive services centers.”

The Allstate Mobile app and Drivewise apps are available for free download in the iTunes App Store or Google Play. For more information about all of the company's available mobile tools, visit: