KELOWNA, British Columbia — Quantech Software Inc, a developer of dealer management tools, has added new features — including the entire suite of Q-Menus features — to its Q-F&I Online product.  

“New features include live menu editing from the presentation screen, the QTracker menu presentation tracking tool, external (video) linking and the F&I Product Chooser tool,” said Mike Martin, the software maker's general manager. “In addition, Quantech also added features not in Q-Menus, the most significant being the ability to display multiple terms and interest rates in the same menu. This added flexibility makes it easy for business managers to show multiple payment options to the payment shopper.”

Q-F&I Online is web-based dealership software meant to streamline the F&I process. Through the program, F&I managers can perform all their F&I calculations; send contact/unit/worksheet information to DealerTrack; present using an optional menu; manage inventory and contacts; print forms on plain paper; calculate commissions and remittances; and export deal details to Quickbooks or Simply Accounting, according to the company.