SAN FRANCISCO — Roadster announced today it is making its Express Storefront ecommerce platform available as a white-label solution for dealers. The platform is designed to allow dealers to bring the entire-car buying experience online — from merchandising to home delivery.

“The positive impact our white labeled Express Storefront can have on dealerships is extraordinary,” said Andy Moss, CEO of “With our eCommerce platform, dealerships now have the ability to increase sales efficiency, as well as offer all of their service plans and trade-in offers instantly and transparently. It’s a way of shopping that consumers have grown to expect in every other category and we’re thrilled to be bringing this important solution to the marketplace.”

The platform is also designed to help dealers manage their existing inventory, the company claimed, as it allows for scheduled pickups and home deliveries. This allows dealers to hold the bulk of their inventory off-site and then transfer a vehicle when they know a customer is interested.

Roadster also claimed that by bringing the entire purchase online, dealers can cut the car-buying process down to 30 minutes.