GRAPEVINE, Texas — More than 16,000 independent dealerships will gain the ability to digitally rate, econtract, capture electronic signatures and submit contracts for more than 130 F&I aftermarket product provider as part of a recently announced partnership between Frazer and F&I Express. 

This week, Frazer and F&I Express announced that the companies have begun integrating F&I Express’ digital solutions into Frazer’s dealer management software. 

“Our primary mission at F&I Express is to provide automotive dealerships with digital solutions to make the F&I process easier, faster, and 100% error-free,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express. “The integration with Frazer allows us to serve a wider range of dealers and provides them with new functionality that streamlines the total process. Dealers who use eContracting with Frazer DMS integration will find the process to be error-free and even more efficient.” 

According to the company, independent dealers using Frazer software will be able to digitally send the customer’s deal information directly over to F&I Express to complete the contract. All contracts sent digitally through the platform are ensured to be accurate and error-free, according to the company. Additionally, once a contract is sent digitally and then signed by the customer, the digital contract can easily be tracked and submitted. 

The independent dealers using Frazer’s DMS should also expect to see an increase in customer satisfaction, the companies claim. Since F&I Express automatically displays plans available and the contract price once a dealer enters a vehicle’s VIN and mileage, the chance of human error is diminished, the companies add.   

The partnership with F&I Express will also provide Frazer customer with access to over 120 providers, an increase over their current network, according to the company. 

“We are very excited for our dealer customers” said Michael Frazer, president of Frazer Software. “The Frazer DMS will now be instantly integrated with an additional 130 companies”