IRVINE, Calif. — CalAmp unveiled last week a telematics system that doubles as an inventory management solution for dealers and a connected car service for consumers when linked to the company’s new mobile application.

The provider of wireless products and services rolled out LotSmart by LoJack last Wednesday. It offers dealers an advanced enterprise-grade telematics service that allows them to track the precise location of every vehicle in their inventory and receive up-to-date vehicle diagnostic reporting. The system also creates a geofence around vehicles and alerts dealers if a vehicle is moved without authorization. The system also aids in the recovery of stolen vehicles using LoJack’s vehicle recovery system.

“Providing dealers with a tool that helps manage their entire lot of vehicles while offering their customers and advanced aftermarket connected car solution is a win-win for our dealer partners,” said Justin Schmid, senior vice president and general manager of Telematics Systems at CalAmp.

Dealers can transfer those telematics services to car buyers with addition of SureDrive by LoJack, the company’s connected car mobile app. When sold with a vehicle, the system provides instant crash notifications and real-time location monitoring. And with its OBD-II connection, the system’s two-way communication capabilities allow for over-the-air upgrades, allowing consumers to receive updates and new connected car applications and services.

SureDrive’s Tripwire Early Warning and stolen vehicle assist features alert vehicle owners when they’re cars are moved without authorization. In the event of a theft, a single call allows law enforcement to locate and track the vehicle.

Additionally, the system’s crash notification feature uses advanced sensors that can discriminate true impact events from false positives caused by road hazards, potholes and speed bumps. If a true crash is detected, an alert containing the vehicle’s location, the time of the crash, and an estimate of the incident’s severity is sent to trained U.S.-based agents. They can offer vehicle owners support and call for emergency assistance.

“SureDrive offers advanced telematics in an easy-to-use connected vehicle service that is designed to safeguard families, protect their investment and more easily connect them with their digital lives while on the road,” Schmid said. “When combined with the LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system, SureDrive provides unmatched security and peace of mind for drivers and their loved ones.”