NEW YORK — Chase announced the launch of Chase Auto Direct, a new online portal powered by TrueCar that will allow Chase customers to shop for a vehicle and secure financing. The portal will then direct buyers to a dealership in the Chase network with inventory that matches the customers’ preferences.

“Customers today are shopping for everything online, including cars,” said Bruce Jackson, head of retail lending for Chase Auto Finance. “By pairing financing with the online car-shopping experience, we can provide more opportunities for Chase dealers, and make it easier for customers to get in the driver’s seat.”

Through Chase’s online portal, customers will be able to configure their preferred options, find matching cars online, and get approved for their loan, the finance source stated. The portal will also integrate technology from TrueCar to allow customers to see what other buyers paid for similar cars.

The portal is also designed to benefit the finance source's estimated 14,000 dealers by giving them a new source of pre-qualified car buyers.  

“Tthis new online offering showcases our dealers’ vehicle inventory to more than 57 million Chase households in the United States. Dealers in the Chase network will now benefit from new leads that they didn’t have yesterday,” Jackson said. “We want every Chase customer to have a good experience when buying a car, and we’re confident that the dealers we do business with can provide that experience.”