ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — SouthwestRe announced plans to aggressively expand into new territories beginning in 2017. The company is now recruiting independent agents to support this effort throughout the continental United States.

“Our expansion plans have been long in the making, and we are eager and excited to put them into action,” said Eddie Eckert, president of SouthwestRe. “Although SouthwestRe has strong relationships with many agents throughout the country, there are many states where we currently lack representation.

“With the assistance of our new and veteran agent partners, we expect SouthwestRe’s nationwide footprint to expand dramatically in the coming year and beyond.”

According to the company, SouthwestRe offers agent-controlled commissions, a suite of more than 30 F&I products, agent and dealer reinsurance programs, personal training, two in-house claims departments, expert sales support, client services, marketing solutions and a suite of online assistant tools that are integrated into many F&I menu systems.