PLANO, Texas — With dealers currently generating between 5% and 20% of their sales volume from out-of-state purchasers, DealerDoc, a provider of automated software and titling services, offers a complete solution for out-of-state titling.

The one-stop online process allows new- and used-vehicle dealers to capture more business from millennial-aged buyers, military car buyers and shoppers who prefer to look outside their states for the best deal.

“Lienholders are expanding their buying territories through the U.S. as millennials continue to purchase in numbers that are exceeding any other age group,” said DealerDoc LLC founder and CEO Ken Roberts, citing J.D. Power data showing that millennials currently make up 28% of the new-car market. “The reality is these buyers will not let borders limit their choices or how businesses service them.

“DealerDoc’s automated software and titling service ensures dealers will not be held captive by misinformation that often complicates out-of-state titling due to traditional error-prone manual process, but instead gives them the confidence to sell, title, and register a vehicle accurately and almost effortlessly in all 50 states,” he added.

One user of the company’s solution is online retail Vroom. The tool allows consumers browsing to get a quick and accurate summary of their tax, tag, title, and licensing fees before making a purchase.

The solution is also helpful for dealers serving military families. “Many of our customers are stationed here in San Antonio but want to register their vehicle in their home state. DealerDoc lets us do that quickly and accurately,” said Mirt Medina, finance director for Red McCombs Toyota in the military-heavy San Antonio community. “I have had customers buy from us because a competitor didn’t want to bother with their out-of-state titling. DealerDoc is about professional F&I and taking care of customer needs …”

Using DealerDoc, dealers obtain the correct taxes and fees for an out-of-state sale in seconds, allowing them to prepopulate and print all state-required documents along with a detailed checklist for specific requirements in every jurisdiction, according to the company. The software guides the manager by only asking the necessary questions for that jurisdiction to eliminate errors and delays.  

“Our tool is so accurate that we guarantee all taxes and fees for processing,” Roberts added.

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