HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — CDK Global has teamed with Darwin Automotive on a new F&I menu system that will be marketed and sold as CDK MenuVantage Platinum. It uses "prescriptive selling" — a patented technology that uses inputs from consumer, vehicle, deal and third-party sources — to tailor F&I product presentations to individual car buyers.

“The days of one size fits all in the F&I department are over,” said Justin Sprague, vice president of product marketing at CDK Global. “This new solution is going to transform the F&I process for dealers and can lead to higher F&I income. Consumers love it because offerings are now being sorted and tailored to their lifestyle.”

The process starts with customers completing a simple ownership survey. This information is then merged with DMS information, including purchase history when applicable, and external data to identify the F&I products most likely to resonate with each customer. To ensure compliance, all products are presented, but the order in which they are presented changes based on the individual consumer.  

"Our solution utilizes big data and predictive analytics to create the most personalized and effective selling process possible,” said Phil Batista, CEO at Darwin Automotive. "We are excited to partner with CDK Global and evolve the customer and dealer experience during the F&I process."

MenuVantage Platinum provides a streamlined solution with numerous sales and presentation tools available to best fit the needs and presentation style of the user. The solution set can also provide fixed operations with the ability to quickly rate, present and contract authorized F&I products in the service lane. There system also offers other optional features such as texting, recall screening and accessory sales.

CDK dealers can purchase MenuVantage Platinum through their account manager. Sign up for a demo during NADA 2017 by clicking here, or click here for more info.