Ft. WAYNE, Ind. — Software maker VisionMenu announced the release of Remote F&I, a remote menu, disclosure and document-signing web application equipped with vSignature, a patent-pending technology that allows the user to control what a customer views on his or her smartphone. It also allows buyers to esign any document.

The remote tool gives the finance manager 100% control over what is displayed on the customer’s smartphone or tablet device, whether the customer is in the finance office or in the privacy of his or her own home.

“Remote F&I gives the F&I manager a tool to sell more products to the online buyer, or any buyer that can’t make it into the dealership.” says Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “It also gives them a tool to esign documents so the customer doesn’t have to come back to the dealership to resign forms.  It can even serve as a tool to close a deal with the buyer at the dealership and the co-buyer at a remote location.”

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