SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — CNA National announced the launch of “Z2,” a new vehicle service contract program designed to offer a “wealth” of consumer benefits, enhanced coverage, additional deductible options, and an increased expense reimbursement package — all at highly competitive rates, according to Senior Vice President Alan Miller.

“Z2 is the latest in a long line of VSCs all designed to be the best on the market,” Miller said. “This premier product provides comprehensive benefits, with deductibles that encourage customer loyalty and help increase a dealer’s CSI, while also ensuring CNA National’s continued position as the industry leader.”

A press release announcing the launch stated that the company redefined its vehicle classing system following a thorough rate review. The result, it stated, is a more competitively priced program based on vehicle make, model and mileage, especially for used and certified pre-owned vehicles, and the improved coverage and rates will give dealers the ability to better match product with the needs of each consumer.  

Highlights of the Z2 Series include the addition of coverage for numerous parts, including propulsion battery, LED lights, supplemental restraint system, cell phone and Bluetooth connectivity, and steering wheels, expanded definitions for consequential damage (by a covered part to a non-covered part) and commercial use, including rideshare vehicles titled to private individuals, increased allowances for towing, rental car, and travel and lodging, and more.

Similar enhancements are available in the company’s revamped Lifetime 2 Wrap service contract, specifically designed to complement CNAN’s Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty, Miller noted.

“Our very successful Lifetime program provides dealers a way to differentiate themselves in this competitive marketplace. We took this opportunity to apply the same Z2 upgrades to our lifetime and stated-term wrap contracts, enhancing this valuable program that has proven to help dealers increase sales and customer retention.”