FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. — Exeter Finance is now on RouteOne’s econtracting platform, which enables the digital exchange of critical contract documents and data between dealers and finance sources to increase efficiency and reduce contracts in transit.

RouteOne has booked more than 8.2 million electronic contracts to date and has more than 6,600 active dealers and 40-plus finance sources on its econtracting platform. According to officials, the availability of these finance sources has led to notable growth in RouteOne’s noncaptive econtracting share, which has more than doubled every year since 2014.

“As econtracting becomes the standard, and not the exception when financing a vehicle, RouteOne’s goal is to make this service available for all financing scenarios,” said Jeff Belanger, RouteOne’s senior vice president of business development. “The demand from dealers is present and we anticipate our integration with Exeter Finance will continue to accelerate econtracting growth.”

Exeter Finance offers personalized service and flexible financing options to thousands of franchised automotive dealers nationwide. As an auto finance company, they make vehicle ownership a reality for credit-challenged customers. 

“At Exeter, we are continually looking for ways to enhance our dealer experience,” says COO Brad Martin. “With the addition of econtracting, our dealers should see a decrease in returned contracts and faster funding times.”