NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. — Dealertrack (div. Cox Automotive) announced that Zurich North America has joined its aftermarket network. With Zurich as a network participant, Dealertrack’s aftermarket network creates more opportunity for dealers to deliver a more digitized, efficient aftermarket experience to car shoppers through an efficient menu selling workflow, executives said.

“Our latest research tells us that consumers are still not satisfied with the F&I and aftermarket sales process, and Dealertrack continues to look for innovative ways to improve and enhance those experiences through our products and our network,” said Cheryl Miller, Dealertrack’s vice president and general manager for F&I solutions. “Zurich brings tremendous value to the table as a network participant, as Dealertrack aims to deliver more streamlined workflows for dealers to offer the most connected retail experience for consumers.”

Through Dealertrack’s Menu Selling workflow — powered by eMenu and eMenu for iPad product offerings — today’s dealers will have the ability to access product rates, present products instore through a mobile-first experience, generate, submit and remit contracts to Zurich. This network expansion, currently in pilot, will be available to dealers at the NADA 2018 show in Las Vegas, all according to the announcement.

“To truly achieve innovation in any industry vertical, it comes down to choosing the right companies to collaborate with,” said Marie Knight, head of direct markets and programs and strategic services at Zurich. “Providing our auto dealers access on the Dealertrack network to seamlessly submit and remit contracts to Zurich provides that customer-centric approach we strive for every day.”