ATLANTA —Manheim has launched the Learning Center, a resource dedicated to educating dealers on Manheim’s buying and selling solutions. With brief video overviews of remarketing tools and how to use them, the Learning Center site is designed as a self-service dealer resource, delivering practical tools that can be used in day-to-day business operations.

“Understanding what we can do to help customers become more successful is a top priority for us,” said Lynn Morgan, vice president of marketing and enterprise intelligence at Manheim. “The Learning Center is a resource designed to give dealers access to a variety of educational offerings they can apply to better compete and win.”

Manheim worked closely with customers to design the site, ensuring that it was user-friendly and offered the information they felt was important. The educational resource requires no log in, which allows dealers who are not Manheim customers to take advantage of the tools. Additionally, dealers can access The Wholesale Institute (TWI) workshop information from the website.

In addition to better understanding and Simulcast, dealers can learn to bid and buy on a mobile device, floorplan vehicles with MAFS, register vehicles for an in-lane sale and much more. Tutorials on just about any service related to in-lane or digital buying can be found at the Learning Center.

“Whether it’s through classroom-style workshops, live webinars or answering questions on sale day, Manheim has always been dedicated to educating our dealers,” said Susie Heins, vice president of dealer sales at Manheim. “The Learning Center is an online extension of our educational offerings, giving dealers access and convenience, anytime and anywhere.”

To view the Learning Center website, please click here.