WESTERVILLE, Ohio — NAC today announced a strategic partnership with Directed, a designer and marketer of aftermarket vehicle control and security systems. The two companies are bringing to market a new consumer app designed to drive a better connection between dealerships and their customers.

The AutoMate Commercial Auto Program from Directed, which can be customized and branded for each participating dealership, is cloud-linked and includes dynamic marketing tools to send e-mail, in-app messaging, and SMS service reminders to customers. Other features include one-touch roadside assistance, “SmarkPark,” which helps locate a vehicle in a crowded parking center, dealership inventory search/display, social media buttons and more.

“This program energizes an impactful connection between the customer, the dealership and the vehicle using one of the customer’s most valued possessions — a smart phone,” said David Richardson of Directed’s Commercial Auto Team. “It’s more than just an app to be used as a dealership marketing tool. The real game-changers are the consumer features: The app connects to the vehicle’s fundamental operation and provides safety and other great convenience services, which makes it an app that will be utilized daily.”

Christina Schrank, president of NAC, added: “We’re very excited about our new partnership with Directed. Their innovative products are a staple in the automotive industry. Now, NAC’s agency partners will be able to bring Directed’s loyalty-building, communication tool — The AutoMate App Commercial Auto Program — to all of their dealership clients!”

For more information about the app, click here.