DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. DMEautomotive (DMEa), an automotive marketer, this week launched DMEautomotive Mobile Rewards, a mobile marketing platform which allows dealerships to drive traffic to showrooms and service drives.

The program enables dealer customers to receive special coupons and offers 24/7, all organized into their smartphone mobile wallet for quick and easy access. And, because the program includes geo-fencing software, dealers can reach consumers with coupons or offers at a place and time when or where they can take action right away.

Mobile Rewards works in tandem with Driver Connect 2.5, DMEa’s industry leading dealer-branded, consumer-facing mobile app, or as a standalone mobile marketing platform.

“DMEa Mobile Rewards delivers a solution that consumers want and understand. With the use of smartphones soaring and the global mobile wallet market set to reach $5.2 trillion in 2020, the automotive industry needs to sit up and take notice that their customers are rapidly evolving into ‘mobile everywhere’ consumers,” said Mike Walther, president and CEO of DMEautomotive. “DMEa Mobile Rewards gives dealerships the ability to jump directly into mobile wallet marketing with minimal time, money or infrastructure investment.”

DMEa Mobile Rewards drives traffic directly into the showroom or service area by delivering digital coupons and rewards directly to an Apple or Android smartphone user. Unlike more traditional processes, such as mailing “punch cards” and printed coupons, Mobile Rewards lets dealers and service marketers deliver everything directly to the consumer’s smartphone mobile wallet — encouraging them to visit the showroom or service department in real time. In addition, dealers are able to comprehensively track and run reports on results in real time, giving them immediate access to data that tells which offers work best and how different segments are reacting to their marketing strategies.

The app also introduces ‘geo-fencing’ mobile guerilla marketing tactics to the dealer showroom and service department. DMEa Mobile Rewards can be set to fire off alerts and reminders when a customer enters a certain geographical area — whether that’s within their own dealership or, perhaps more interestingly, when a customer enters a competitor’s location.

“This opens up a completely new marketing opportunity by giving dealers a tool to reach out to customers while they are literally in the process of shopping for or servicing their vehicle,” Walther said.

Mobile Rewards offers mobile wallet support for both Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones, and can be used along with the more comprehensive Driver Connect 2.5.