ISELIN, N.J. — F&I software provider Darwin Automotive has released a new assistant for F&I managers: “Darwin Bird Dog” was designed to serve as the F&I manager’s personal follow-up assistant, enabling them to perform intelligent marketing directed at customers who don’t buy F&I products at the time of vehicle purchase.

According to Phillip Battista, CEO Darwin Automotive, while the average closing ratio for F&I products via phone call follow-up is 6% to 11%, Bird Dog is expected to help F&I managers increase those closing ratios to over 25%

“Bird Dog goes after the lost revenue and keeps it in the dealership, while allowing F&I managers to drive the entire process,” Battista said.

Bird Dog enables F&I managers to conduct creative and personalized marketing to customers after vehicle delivery has occurred, with highly targeted marketing based on the customer’s driving habits — including mileage, length of ownership, repair rates, theft rates, and road conditions — all without having to ask the customer a single question.

“For years F&I managers have longed for the ability to follow up with customers who fail to purchase F&I products. However, they lack the time,” Battista said. “Darwin Bird Dog enables them to finally accomplish this goal and will be provided at no cost to all our customers as a thank you for being loyal customers!”

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