LAFAYETTE, Colo. — KPA, a SaaS and services provider for compliance and workforce management solutions, today announced its acquisition of Compli, a provider of HR business process automation solutions.

Compli’s software was designed to help organizations meet workforce corporate compliance demands by automating and integrating policy review and acceptance, online training, and forms completion. Combining Compli’s capabilities with KPA’s Human Resource Information System, Applicant Tracking System, training, and on-demand HR advice accelerates KPA’s strategy to expand its comprehensive human capital management solution for small and middle market companies, according to KPA CEO Vane Clayton.

“People are a company’s greatest asset but also the source of significant expense and potential risk. It’s critical for high-performance companies to optimize their workforce efficiency and manage risk through effective recruiting, onboarding, training, and performance management,” Clayton said. “KPA’s current ATS, HRIS, online training, and HR knowledge resources combined with Compli’s highly complementary workflow software provides the tools and expertise needed to streamline workforce management and reduce HR compliance risk across the entire organization.”

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