NAPA, Calif. — AUL Corp. has promoted Deonna Frank to the position of manager of operations and cancelations. Frank will report directly to CIO and department head Jose Fleites and is expected to lead the operations, pricing and vision for Ocean, the firm’s proprietary operating system she helped implement.

Described as a “rising star” by executives, Frank spent the previous three years as a sales project team leader in the firm’s sales and reinsurance department. Prior to that, she held the positions of sales project coordinator and director marketing manager.

“Deonna has been part of the AUL family for more than 13 years and has been rising through the ranks due to her intelligence, technical savvy, and unique ability to manage complex projects with ease,” Fleites said. “She was instrumental in the design and development our new pricing and underwriting system and took the extra step to train other team members in its use. Her promotion is well-earned, and we will lean on her skills and experience to make Ocean the best it can be.”

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